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Gene Expression Atlases at PLEXdb

Explore gene expression in diverse organs, tissues, or developmental stages

  • Barley:
      BB3: Transcription patterns during barley development
      BB47: Transcriptome analysis of Bowman vs 4 tillering mutants at 4 developmental stages
      BB73: Comparative transcriptional profiling of organs of the barley spike
      BB85: Expression data from barley maturing grains (Part 1 of 2)
      BB86: Expression data from barley germinating grains (Part 2 of 2)
  • Brachypodium:
      BD3: Brachy leaf, root, and stem
  • Maize:
      ZM14: Cis-transcriptional variation in maize inbred lines B73 and Mo17 leads to additive expression
      ZM29: Genome-wide gene expression atlas of maize inbred line B73
      ZM37: Genome-wide gene expression atlas of maize inbred line B73 (clone of ZM29 for nimbMaizeV2)
      ZM57: affy_zeawall_ril2_maize: ZeaWall Project, defavorable parent F271
  • Rice:
      OS16: Genome-wide gene expression profiling of rice stigma
      OS32: Dissecting the developmental transcriptomes of rice
      OS37: Genome-wide temporal-spatial gene expression profiling of drought responsiveness in rice
      OS42: Rice expression atlas (1): Anther development
      OS43: Rice expression atlas (2): Pollination - Fertilization
      OS44: Rice expression atlas (3): Early embryogenesis
      OS45: Rice expression atlas (4): Vegetative tissues
      OS46: Rice expression atlas: Plant reproductive process
      OS5: Expression data for reproductive development in rice
      OS57: Identification of Rhizome-Specific Genes by Genome-wide Differential Expression Analysis in Oryza longistaminata
      OS62: Analysis of anther transcriptomes to identify genes contributing to meiosis and male gametophyte development in rice
      OS63: genome-wide gene expression profiling of rice pollen in defferent developmetn stages
      OS8: Expression data from rice embryo,endosperm,root,leaf and seedling
      OS80: Express data from rice endosperm
      OS83: Expression profile of high yielding rice introgression line
      OS89: Expression data from rice embryo and endosperm development
      OS93: Gene Expression Profiling during Male Gametophyte Development in Rice
      OS94: Gene expression in mature pollen and sperm cells versus young seedling as a vegetative sporophyte reference control
  • Wheat:
      TA27: Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheat
      TA3: Transcription patterns during wheat development (Mirrors BB3)
  • Arabidopsis:
      AT101: Expression data from Arabidopsis Seed Compartments at the Globular Embryo Stage.
      AT102: Expression data from Arabidopsis seed compartments at the pre-globular stage
      AT103: Expression data from Arabidopsis seed compartments at the linear-cotyledon stage
      AT104: Expression data from Arabidopsis seed compartments at the heart stage.
      AT105: Expression data from Arabidopsis seed compartments at the mature green stage.
      AT106: Expression data from Arabidopsis seed compartments at the bending coyledon stage
      AT107: Expression data from Arabidopsis Seed Compartments at 5 discrete stages of development
      AT40: Expression Atlas of Arabidopsis Development (AtGenExpress)
      AT41: Expression Atlas of Arabidopsis Development, Mutants (AtGenExpress)
  • Citrus:
      CT9: Gene expression analysis in pre- and early post-anthesis stage ovules of Citrus sinensis
  • Cotton:
      GO6: Affymetrix Cotton Genome array expression data of cotton fiber at different developmental stages from different varieties of Gossypium hirsutum
  • Grapes:
      VV11: Pinot Noir berry transcriptome during ripening.
      VV15: Expression data in individual grape berries during ripening initation
  • Medicago:
      ME1: The Medicago truncatula Gene Expression Atlas
      ME2: A transcript profile of Medicago truncatula root meristem cells
  • Poplar:
      PT2: Populus balsamifera developmental tissue series
      PT34: Expression data of male and female floral bud with Populus tomentosa during their development process.
      PT39: Comparison of male and female floral organs
      PT49: Affymetrix data from Populus nectaries versus leaves
  • Soybean:
      GM10: Genomics of Soybean Seed Development Using Laser Capture Microdissection (Submitted by Julie Dickerson, PLEXdb Team)
      GM14: Expression data from SRB embryo regions at the globular stage
      GM20: Genome-wide analysis of gene expression in the soybean shoot apical meristem
      GM21: Genomic Expression Profiling of Mature Soybean (Glycine max) Pollen
      GM40: Characterization of gene expression profile in developing soybean seeds by DNA microarray
      GM41: Expression data of Soybean root apical meristem and leaf
  • Tomato:
      LE19: Understanding the complexity of fruit ripening by transcriptome analysis of rin mutant fruit
      LE21: Microarray analysis of gene expression from different developmental stages of the tomato fruit
      LE7: Expression data from various tomato plant tissues
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