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PLEXdb Personnel


Dr. Julie Dickerson
Dr. Roger Wise


Dr. Sudhansu Dash
Curation, website and database management, software development and overall supervision.
Software and pipeline development for GEO import and export;
CV based data mining software (tool) development: GeneOscilloscope and Fluctuation Filter.


2011- : Jodan Goldie (undergrad. student asst.): Dataprocessing and GEO Import

Past Contributers

2006-2009 Ethalinda Cannon : Software lead & website management
(Continuing PLEXdb support & consultant)

Dr. Dianne Cook
Dr. Dan Nettleton
Dr. Volker Brendel
2002-2005 Dr. Lishuang Shen: Website design and development, data curation, tool development.
2002-2006 Dr. Rico Caldo: Website and tool design
2003-2004 Jian Gong
2004-2006 Jianqiang Xin: Genelist tools
2006 Dr. Shiquan Wu: Microarray database analyst: database administration and curation.
2006 Dr. Xiokang Pan: Blast and array annotation

2006-2007 Matt Moscou: Website and tool design, data analysis
2008 Yogesh Nadkarni: Microarray Platform Translator, Gene List Suite
2007-2011 Hong Lu: Model Genome Interrogator, Genelist Suite upgrade, Annotation, Maize100 WT and Brachypodium(BradiAR1b520742) deployment
2011 John L. Van Hemert Nimblegen integration: Normalization, annotation and website integration; Data processing pipeline upgrade; version control deployment in servers; Issue tracker and wiki deployment; Webservice.

Undergraduate Student Assistants:
2006-2007 Andrew Couch
2006-2007 Ajani Thomas: Plant Ontology integration
2007-2008 Akul Singhania: Data processing and website check
2008 Emmanuel Kwame Owusu: Gene expression visualization
2009 Joseph Grgic: Experiment Import from NCBI-GEO, data processing, website check
2009-2010 Jack(Pu) Hou (undergrad. student asst.): Dataprocessing and GEO Import
2010-2011 Royce W. Blackledge (undergrad. student asst.): Dataprocessing and GEO Import
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