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PLEXdb is committed to making expression data publicly available to researchers world-wide...
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PLEXdb Current Working Policy for Data Submission and Release:
PLEXdb is committed to making expression data from plant, plant pathogen and symbionts publicly available to researchers world-wide. Data submissions can be designated as private, group access, or public. Data submissions designated private (or group access) ensures that data is password protected for 6 months. At the end of the 6-month period, the submitter will be contacted to see if the data can be released or if an additional 6 months is needed due to publication or manuscript preparation delays. If approval has not been given within two years, data will be archived pending approval for release or deleted from PLEXdb. In accordance with journal policies, upon publication of the manuscript, the data will be considered public. The submission will be checked for structure and content during curation and only PLEXdb curators have access to the submission during this time. Submissions will be prioritized in the following order:  
  1. Submissions that are to be made public immediately regardless of publication status.
  2. Submissions that require database accession information in page proof.
  3. Private submissions that are related to a paper that has not yet been accepted.
  4. Private submissions that are related to a paper that has not been submitted.
Data will not be added to the database until a submission is complete and has been examined by a data curator. If we need to contact you about your submission, please respond as quickly as possible so that there will be no delays in making your data available on PLEXdb. The estimated release time is two weeks to make a submitted dataset available on PLEXdb.